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the Future of Holland Gardens


On July 23, 2019, the JCHA hosted and livestreamed a Uniform Relocation Act information session at the Holland Gardens Community Center. To view the video of the session and the presentation, CLICK HERE.

Visioning Process

Holland Gardens

On Monday, January 14, 2019, the Jersey City Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners approved a resolution directing the JCHA to explore and evaluate potential strategies for the revitalization of Holland Gardens. In January of 2019, the JCHA sponsored a Visioning Process conducted over the first six months of 2019 with the residents of Holland Gardens.  To facilitate the process, JCHA retained the services of Kitchen & Associates (K&A), an architecture and planning firm highly experienced in affordable housing and urban redevelopment. Together, JCHA senior staff and K&A planners conducted a series of workshops and resident meetings that actively engaged residents and encouraged them to share ideas, evaluate alternatives, and come together on how the future of the Holland Gardens site would unfold.  

Working Together

The purpose of the Holland Gardens Visioning Process was to identify a common set of goals and produce a shared vision to guide the future revitalization of the property. This community engagement process spanned six months:  during this time, the JCHA held monthly public meetings with Holland Gardens residents and interested stakeholders.  These highly interactive sessions were both live-streamed and recorded, enabling residents unable to attend them in person to review the meetings.  The success of this visioning process was driven by significant and consistent participation from Holland Gardens residents, who remained active and engaged throughout its entirety. Each meeting began with a review of the process and work product thus far to ensure that decisions made at each step of the process built upon prior discussions.  Throughout the Visioning Process, Holland Gardens residents considered a wide variety of redevelopment options, and the resulting vision reflects the perspectives of the majority of Holland Gardens residents who participated.   The final Visioning Process document can be viewed here.

What Happens Next?

 The results of the Visioning Process were approved by JCHA’s Board of Commissioners on July 10, 2019. Prior to starting the redevelopment process, the JCHA must go through a series of steps that involve review and/or approval by the JCHA Board of Commissioners, HUD and the City of Jersey City. For details on the next steps for Holland Gardens, click here.

Resident Relocation

Relocation of Holland Gardens residents is not anticipated to begin until Fall of 2021 at the earliest. The JCHA has committed to a one-to-one replacement of Public Housing (ACC) units upon completion of the project. 

The Relocation of residents will be subject to the standards put forth by the Uniform Relocation Act. Prior to the start of relocation, the JCHA will continue to hold quarterly meetings with residents to discuss concerns, answer questions, and provide updates. For more information on Holland Gardens resident relocation, click here.

To protect the right to relocation assistance and ability to return upon completion of the project, current Holland Gardens residents should not leave their unit until provided with a written “Notice of Relocation Eligibility”.

All comments and questions can be submitted through this website by filling out the comment form or by:

  • Filling out the comment cards located at the Holland Gardens main office and the JCHA’s executive building.
  • Contacting the JCHA’s Department of Development, Modernization and Sustainability at (201)-706-4628.


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